RDM will work in the following broad areas.

  1. Evangelical Missions

We shall support valid and credible evangelical missions worldwide, providing them with financial and technical support wherever applicable.

  1. Training of Ministers

We shall provide and equip ministers with training opportunities in their core areas of operation.

  1. Ministers’ Support

We shall provide financial support to ministers to enable them live a life of dignity wherever they may be. We shall encourage them to establish credible sources of income to help them support their families.

  1. Church Planting

We shall help ministries build churches in their respective denominations wherever they may feel called or led to do this.

  1. Land Acquisition

We shall help ministries acquire land for the purpose of ministry, as registered corporate bodies rather than individuals.

  1. Ministers’ Accommodation

We shall work towards establishing decent accommodation for ministers by building permanent quarters on Church land and elsewhere within reasonable proximity to the respective areas of their calling and action.

  1. Missions Travel

We shall facilitate travel to missions by ministers on call for the work of God.

  1. Minister Vacation

We shall facilitate and accommodate ministers for vacation and retreats to help them refresh themselves and re-equip them for the work of God.

  1. Minister Family Support

Provide support in various areas to help ministers provide for their families in a responsible way.

  1. Ministers’ Conferences

We shall organize conferences at the local, regional, continental and international levels for ministers of all Pentecostal denominations for purposes of re-equipping them for the practice of ministry.

  1. Ministers’ Vehicles

To the extent possible, we shall acquire and donate vehicles to individual ministers to help them carry out the work of God and raise their families decently.

  1. Church Equipment

We shall help churches acquire equipment for their permanent ownership and use.

  1. Ministers’ Networking

We shall help connect ministers across the globe to like-minded peers as well as mentors and other support groups for purposes of growing their ministries or even reaching out to help others with their different gifts and resources.